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Extract intelligence from imagery. Generate amazingly clean point clouds from imagery collected via iPhones, drones, or any other image source.

How it Works
Robust ground-based collection via iPhone
Using various sensors in the iPhone we are able to marry the benefits of ARKit and additional sensor data with our powerful computer vision processing to ensure incredibly robust imagery collection, ensuring success even by untrained first-time users.
A.I. point and object classification
EveryPoint can use your criteria for identifying different types of points and geometry based on any number of custom characteristics.
Custom API outputs based on your needs
Whether you need classic geometry, point clouds, meshes, or custom insights and intelligence, EveryPoint can be configured to deliver what you need.
Automatic planar model generation
The EveryPoint system can automatically extract planar surfaces from your imagery, generating water-tight models deliverable via our API.
Human quality assurance services available
We have quality assurance teams ready to handle exception cases, data integrity, and customer processes for your solution.
On-device processing for real-time data
An embeddable version of the EveryPoint pipeline can run on iPhones, iPads, drones, or custom hardware—enabling on-device processing of small and medium size image sets, available in seconds.

See how we generated this high-resolution building point cloud from a simple iPhone perimeter walk.

Here are several examples of point clouds generated by our system.

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